Matching Van Gogh's Paintings to Pie Charts

The meme has yet to be solved

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For those who value timeliness in their viral memes, this one isn't for you. Surfacing a little over a month ago on Boing Boing and Flavorwire, this chart of Van Gogh's paintings as pie charts is now well-traveled. But, to our knowledge, no one has solved the mystery of the pie charts yet. We took a stab at identifying eight of the more obvious paintings. See if you can spot any others.

Here are the instructions/description from the author: "Here are 28 Van Gogh paintings visualized as pie charts showing the five most common colours each as a percentage. Can you tell which ones which?

The Atlantic Wire's guesses are below (clean copy below our scribbled-on chart). Starry Night, by the way, has us really stumped. There's not enough blue in the one we picked, but there isn't sufficient yellow in any of the bluer ones.

A. A Wind Beaten Tree
B. Starry Night
C. Man Stooping with Stick or Spade
D .Still Life With Beer Mug and Fruit
E. Two Women in the Woods
F. Beach at Scheveningen in Calm Weather
G. Crouching Boy with Sickle
H.Two Women in the Moor
I. Cottages
J. Sunflowers

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