Don't Ask Rainn Wilson This Question

Perhaps he wishes for a super power to control the questions people ask him?

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The Office star Rainn Wilson is making the media rounds at SXSW this week in advance of his new indie flick, Super, and his patience is wearing thin with what is probably the most obvious question to ask the star of superhero movie: "If any journalist asks me again, 'If u were a superhero, which power would u like to have?', I'll cock punch them," he tweeted this morning in very Dwight Schrute-like fashion.  Naturally, he received zillions of responses of exactly that.

At SXSW, the "what super power would you pick" question came up during the Q&A after the screening of The Hesher, another movie Wilson was in Austin to promote. But the most well documented incident was at the post-Super panel. And then there was blogger Alanna Raben who tried to ask him the same question on video. Here's his response (beginning at 6:40 in video):

"I made a vow to another journalist, that I would answer that question in this way: my power would be the ability to speak the truth, and that is the worst, stupidest question that I have been asked 10,000 times over my career and I never want to hear it again. Please, if your a journalist watching this or  blogger whatever, I love doing interviews and weblog interviews and stuff like that...[but] don't ask me what power I would have if I was a superhero."

Katrina Hill, who blogs as the Action Flick Chick, has a theory of why Wilson might be so sore with the question: his Super co-star Ellen Page has a much funnier answer.

After Page’s magnificent answer of “I’d just like to be able to tolerate gluten,” Wilson told everyone what he thought about the question. “I’m sorry, but that is a horrible question.” He went on to say that he gets asked that question all the time, but he had never heard an answer as good as Page’s.

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