Comment of the Day: The Trouble With Amputations

Doctors are worthless and your fingers are magical

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As we said yesterday, there's no set criteria for choosing the comment of the day. Obviously, we like it when you guys are funny, thoughtful and on the news. But we also like it when you post lengthy accounts of medical incompetence and magically regenerating limbs to stories from weeks earlier. Credit @BenDoverPls with being the first Wire commenter to dispense miraculous, highly dangerous medical advice in the comments field of an unrelated post on Super Bowl ads.

Actually God has endowed our bodies with the ability to regenerate lost parts. The problem is that the way amputations are done stops the process. I once cut the tip of my finger off in a woodworking accident. Went to the emergency room. The doctors recommend that they do nothing. They said that if they sewed it up, the finger would never be the same. All they did was give me a shot of antibiotics. A tetanus shot. Put some antibiotic ointment on the open wound and wrapped it in gauze. Actually the nurse did all that. Doctors rarely do anything. Doctors like playing Dr. House and just make diagnoses. Everyday I put fresh antibiotic ointment and gauze. Lo and behold my finger now is like it was before the accident. You cannot even tell that the fingerprint was once ripped asunder. My fingernail on that finger still has a tendency to split. But that too is getting better. I have full feeling in the fingertip. Every time I look at that finger, I am amazed at what the human body can do. The problem with larger amputations is that the surgeons pretty much have to close up the wound. If they left the wound open, the body would begin the process of regeneration, but the body would be susceptible to infection. My wound was tiny in comparison and more easily managed.

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