Bono Swings To the Rescue of 'Spider-Man' Musical

Future of director Julie Taymor uncertain

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's U2 frontman Bono, and he's coming to save his misbegotten Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical. (And yes, we know that's actually a reference to Superman, a superhero who isn't on Broadway and isn't $35 million over budget.)

The New York Times reports that after being "away for much of the  preview period," Bono returned to his ailing show Monday, assuming a "direct role" in discussions with producers about whether to fire beleaguered director Julie Taymor, whose mindset the Times charitably describes as "frustrated and determined, exhausted and engaged." She was hired by Bono and The Edge way back in 2002 and soon became the public face of the runaway production. Bono and The Edge also met with Taymor herself to discuss "how extensively to overhaul the script and music; how many outside consultants should be hired, and who; and when to open the show" should she be retained.

As of Monday night, it was unclear whether Taymor would be kept around to implement the "major changes to the musical" demanded by producers. Thankfully, they still have Bono. And the as-yet unhired "outside consultants." Put the two togother together, and it's Broadway gossamer. Pure, $65 million Broadway gossamer.

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