'The Wire' Actress Snoop Says Baltimore Cops Were Out to Get Her

One week after drug bust, Felicia Pearson says she targeted because of her 'The Wire' fame

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Last Thursday in Baltimore, law enforcement officers arrested Felicia "Snoop" Pearson--whose chilling portrayal of a gang assassin also named Felicia "Snoop" Pearson was one of the highlights of The Wire's five seasons on HBO--in connection with a heroin and marijuana ring. More than 60 otherpeople were also arrested as part of the bust.

On Friday, Wire creator David Simon promptly offered a defense of Pearson that was really more of a condemnation of U.S. drug policy. In a new statement, Pearson's representative echoes that sentiment, saying that Pearson "feels that she is being targeted not only because of her portrayal of the memorable character 'Snoop' On HBO’s critically acclaimed series 'The Wire' but also because of where she is from in Baltimore."

This tension was on display last Friday during Pearson's bail hearing. According to ABC News, the judge announced announced he was refusing to grant bail because Pearson's occupation made her a flight risk. "How can I go anywhere? Everybody knows my name," Pearson said. The judge replied that Pearson was a "good actress" capable of slipping in and out of character. At which point Pearson interrupted him, declaring, "I can't change my face."

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