Alex Jones: 'Fiddler Crab' Glenn Beck Is Ripping Me Off

Plus, he's a part of the globalist conspiracy

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Radio host Alex Jones blames shadowy globalist forces for just about every major cultural event, except, apparently, the rapid rise of Glenn Beck. That, Jones says, only happened because the Fox News host is a hack and a jerk and totally stealing Jones's act.

According to New York magazine, Beck's calls for a boycott of Google have particularly annoyed Jones. “He’s like a fiddler crab that grabbed the shell off my back and scurried over me,” complains Jones, who says he exposed the search engine as a CIA-NSA front long before Beck arrived on the scene. "It’s very, very painful to see this biological android, a complete actor, reading off teleprompters and singing and dancing around and prancing around, a fairy dancing and prancing around, using my material.”

One piece of material Beck likely won't be stealing: this new-ish video in which Jones calls Beck a government plant and a "facsimilie of what I am" designed to discredit Jones's conspiracy theories.

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