The Early 90s Nick Sitcoms Returning to Nickelodeon

A preview of what you're about to be offered from 12-2 am

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In news signaling the next era of 90's nostalgia, Entertainment Weekly's reporting that Nickelodeon is getting ready to dust off a bunch of shows that haven't graced TV in at least ten years. You know, shows like Rugrats, All That, Clarissa Explains It All—the type of pre-Sponge Bob shows that were one-time after-school viewing for a certain set of millenials. Between midnight and two a.m.,TeenNick will be airing reruns of the tween TV shows, which now seem to be headed for classic status. The decision, apparently, was prompted by "huge interest in early Nickelodeon programming on social media sites."

In case you can't recall the better parts of these resurfacing shows, we dug up some memorable moments.

Kenan and Kel - Something About Orange Soda
In nearly every episode, there'd be that one moment where Kel would careen around the stage proclaiming his unwavering love for the soda.

All That - Welcome to Good Burger
The Saturday Night Live-esque sketch comedy's best skit also was the one turned into an ill-conceived feature film.

Clarissa Explains It All - The Earworm of a Theme Song
A highlight and lowlight. Clicking on the video below means that the tune will echo on repeat in your brain the rest of the day.

Rugrats - Didn't They Morph Into Teenagers At One Point?
When it first aired, this time-traveling episode to see Tommy, Chucky and the gang become teenagers was its own mini-event.

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