Video: Dissecting Bill O'Reilly's 'Shtick'

Lawrence O'Donnell strains to comprehend O'Reilly the 'actor' and O'Reilly the 'character'

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In an interview with NBC's David Gregory earlier this week, John Boehner remarked that it's not his job to correct misperceptions that Obama is a Muslim. Even though the House Speaker noted that he believes that Obama is a Christian, he stated "It's not up to me to tell the American people what to think." Inevitably, that sentiment reverberated through cable news--and wound up as fodder for Lawrence O'Donnell to assault Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.

Watch below as the MSNBC host attempts to dissect O'Reilly the "actor" and TV show "character," employs Daily Show gotcha clips to solidify his argument, and "sneaks in" a point about how O'Reilly hosts "right wing nuts" on his show in order to appear to be "reasonable." [h/t: Matt Schneider at Mediaite]

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