The Oscars: the Red Carpet

Keeping tabs on the Academy Awards arrivals, via ABC's All Access Pass

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Oscar night has arrived—even though it feels as if The Kings Speech wrapped up the major award categories weeks ago. Nevertheless, here's hoping that at least one of the dark horse Best Picture contenders (The Social Network, Black Swan) manages to keep the contest from being a sweep. In the major acting categories, we've got a sneaking suspicion that Colin Firth and Natalie Portman will be delivering eloquent acceptance speeches. But, we've spotted a few prognosticators making "Hail Mary" Oscar picks by choosing Biutiful's Javier Bardem and The Kids Are Alright's Annette Bening.

Stay tuned: Even before hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco take the stage, we kept a running tally of what's happening at and around the Kodak theater, via the zillions of cameras on ABC's live-streaming Oscar All Access Pass:

Running Tally: What Happened On the Red Carpet?

(6:40 ET) The 'Lobby Bar' Cam? - ABC's Access Pass has cameras positioned all over red carpet and theater for Oscar fans to peruse. The Wire has been watching something called the "Lobby Bar Camera" for the past ten minutes. Presumably when stars enter they'll be ordering from the bar.  Update: We just heard a champagne bottle being uncorked. In real time.

(7:05 ET) "I'm 6'5", 220, and there's two of me." - Armie Hammer stops by ABC's announcer's cam and asked to repeat his Winklevoss line from the Social Network. He politely finds a way not to say the exact line.

(7:15 ET) Jackie Weaver - When the Best Supporting Actress nominee was asked to compare the Oscars to the Australian version of the show, she naturally replied, "This is about one hundred times bigger."

(7:26 ET) '127 Hours' Inspiration  - Aron Ralston, the hiker whose story provided the template for Danny Boyle's harrowing 127 Hours, stopped by to be briefly interviewed on the red carpet. Cheers for an arriving Justin Timberlake partially interrupted his interview.

(7:32 ET) Aaron Sorkin - Asked on the red carpet how many award shows he has attended recently, he replied: "There have been a few, I don't mind."

(7:36 ET) Tom Hooper
-  The King's Speech director responded to a question of how humor played a role in the drama's success. He responded: "It's been the movie's secret weapon."

(7:47 ET) Mark Ruffalo - "I don't feel guilty at all," when asked on the carpet whether he felt guilty about being nominated for a character which took only six days to film in The Kids Are Alright.

(7:51 ET) Eli Wallach - When asked how he felt about receiving an honorary Oscar award last fall he quipped: "I was shocked and surprised!" Wallach's favorite movie of 2010: "Wall Street."

(7:55 ET) Sandra Bullock - in a red carpet interview, she joked about Jeff Bridges now-annual nomination for best actor: "Jeff Bridges is selfish, I said it."

(7:57 ET) Donald Trump - The possible (?) presidential contender responded that the category he'd be nominated for would be "best looking actor" and mentioned that he really liked King's Speech out of the picture nominees.

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