Rolling Stone Photoshops Katy Perry

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Buxom songstress Katy Perry wasn't quite buxom enough for the art director at Rolling Stone. The magazine digitally altered a number of Perry's anatomical assets, as shown by a rapidly circulating before-and-after juxtaposition. Apparently having breasts too bulbous for Sesame Street still doesn't make the grade for Rolling Stone. Cue the outrage:

  • 'This Is Terrible,' says Lourtneycove, who first posted the GIF to her Tumblr blog:
She’s beautiful to begin with. Why does her skin have to be silky smooth? Her boobs pushed up? They even took off her sock in the ‘enhanced’ one. Her stomach. Her fingers. Her moles are removed from her neck. Lines removed from her underarm. Is it so bad not to be perfect? I see absolutely nothing wrong with the before picture. She’s absolutely beautiful. Why does the media see fit to change that? No wonder why society is messed up.
  • It's Just Disappointing, writes Justin Fenner at Styleite: "We must sound like broken records at this point, but really? Like her or not, Katy Perry is absurdly beautiful as is — and we’re deeply saddened by the fact that Jann Wenner and company really thought she needed these 'improvements.'"
  • This Was Unnecessary—But It Did Help , says Chris Spags at Guyism  "If you compare the 'after' to the 'before', it’s sort of like looking at someone who looked at the Ark of the Covenant, but just really briefly. And then put a sock on her right foot for no reason."
  • 'Ahh,' moans Edith Zimmerman at The Hairpin: "I can't stop staring at this. The fingers!"
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