Man Bags Cause Back Pain

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Photographs of celebs David Beckham and Jude Law may have helped tamp down the "man bag stigma," but doctors now have bad news: turns out going Continental is wreaking havoc with men's backs and shoulders, causing serious injuries. According to the British Chiropractic Association, the reason is simple: men are just cramming far to much stuff into these bags, just like women with their totes and kids with their backpacks. Regardless of how necessary the items are--tablet computers, books, cellphones, etc.--the fact is that men end up toting an additional 13.7 pounds a day. The problem may be on the rise, too, as the Telegraph reports a 21% increase in sales last year.

The paper offers some simple steps to minimize the pain: alternate shoulders and carry less stuff. Or you could just go with what most people said from the beginning, and forgo the man bag. Then, too, we hear that fanny packs are back.

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