James Franco May Be Cast in Wizard of Oz Prequel

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The long-rumored 3D prequel to Wizard of Oz may have just nabbed another high-profile cast member: James Franco. Deadline Hollywood's Mike Fleming is reporting that the ubiquitous movie star/internet meme may sign on for the title role in Disney's Oz: the Great and Powerful. He'll join director Sam Raimi and, reportedly, Mila Kunis for an Alice in Wonderland inspired blockbuster green-lit with a $200 million dollar budget.

Strangely enough, this seems like the most normal career move that Franco's made recently. After messing with everyone for at least the past year, the star is most recently known for his extra-curricular activities: hanging out at college campuses, being named a contributing editor for the Los Angeles Review of Books, sawing his arm off in that unpleasant movie, and tweeting himself singing or napping with kittens. And hosting the Academy awards. And attempting to curb Ricky Gervais's oversized ego.

So, sure, James Franco will star in the Wizard of Oz. Why not?

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