In Honor of Groundhog Day

Four people who seem to be suffering from the same disease as Bill Murray

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You know the movie: a disgruntled weather reporter gets stuck reliving the same day over and over. We laughed and we wished we'd have been able to eat our weight in junk food and weigh the same as we did in the morning. We thought it was fantasy.

We were wrong.

Below, four people whose past, if recent news stories are to be believed, is clearly their present:

  • Larry Hagman  The soap star is dusting off his Stetson -- the 1980s soap Dallas is back
  • Dick Cheney  We're not sure if being VP for eight years still rankles, but the Bush-Cheney site still lives
  • David Roberts  Grist's journalist is realizing his cap-and-trade/energy policy beat is an endless loop of coverage that goes nowhere
  • Birthers  They're going nowhere, and this time, they're pumped for 2012

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