Gladwell Book Generator Guy Actually Really Likes Malcolm Gladwell

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How's this for thinking without thinking? It turns out that the creator of that Malcolm Gladwell book generator that's been enlivening the Internet over the past few days is actually a "big fan" of the floppy-haired New Yorker essayist.

Cory Bortnicker, a writer for the financial website Minyanville, made the admission in an interview today with the New York Observer online. "I've read most of [Gladwell's books,]" Bortnicker admitted. "I think he's a fun writer. I think it's great anytime someone can bring science to a large audience like that."

It's an audience that is only likely to increase if Gladwell follows the book generator's advice and chooses Wink (The Power of Thinking While Simultaneously Flirting), Sizzle (Why Some Ideas Pop While Others Merely Crackle), Jealous (Why I Could Have Written Harry Potter, Only Better) or Lando (Intergalactic Lessons In Smoothness) as his next book project.

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