Early Reviews for Keith Olbermann's Fok News Channel

The former MSNBC host launched a new website over the weekend

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It turns out that some of the key ingredients in Keith Olbermann's recently canceled show Countdown--the "Worst Persons in the World" segment, the digs at Fox News--didn't disappear when the outspoken liberal host left MSNBC in January. No, they've just migrated from television to the web. Over the weekend, Olbermann, who will soon host a nightly news and commentary show for Current TV, launched a "not for profit blog" called the FOK News Channel. The masthead mimics Fox News' logo, but the FOK stands for "Friends of Keith."

So far, Olbermann has deemed Mike Hogan--the Republican nominee for mayor of Jacksonville--the Worst Person of the Day for joking that bombing an abortion clinic might cross his mind (Olbermann's nemesis, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, was, naturally, a runner-up). Olbermann's also introduced a new shtick--"Snappy Answers to Stupid Headlines"--and penned a post criticizing the New York Times for describing a source inaccurately in an article about union solidarity declining in Wisconsin.

What are the early reviews of Fok News?

  • I'm Impressed Digby thinks Olbermann's post on the Times story "is a lovely little story of Big Media and its biases working in favor of the ruling class ... It turns out that Keith Olberman is a very good blogger."
  • Falls Short of Show Don Irvine at the Canada Free Press isn't impressed: "Olbermann seems to think that all he has to do is set up a website and make pithy comments and that people will follow. But so far his posts lack the humor and edginess that made him MSNBC's top rated news show."
  • Too Cute Suzanne Murray at The Stir says Olbermann shouldn't have turned his pun into a full-fledged blog. While she's an Olbermann's fan, she dislikes Fox News and "that big red, white, and blue FOK News logo sitting there staring me in the face just rubs me the wrong way ... The only upside to the whole thing? A bad typist trying to get to Fox News could land on FOK News--and might actually learn a thing or two about what's really going on in the world."
  • A Lonely Endeavor Emily Esfahani Smith at The Blaze asserts that "so far, the 'Friends of Keith' network is just a community of one: Keith Olbermann himself. Let's hope that this doesn’t turn into a dating website."
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