Comments of the Week: 'Anderson Cooper Is Grounded!' Edition

Kim Kardashian's nudity, people forced inside by cold, and another sucker duped by Christwire.

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It's that time of the week again! That's right, our collection the the week's best comments is complete. Let's see who made the cut.

offers an answer to Wednesday's question: "If Kim Kardashian Takes Her Clothes Off, Is it Art?"

Cheap Bread and Nonstop Circus... the foundation of our national policy of "Ignorancism".
Kim Kardashian has hoodwinked us into giving her a role in this circus but has done absolutely nothing to make America a better place for all. She is merely wealthy and self absorbed, not having contributed anything truly new or worthwhile to our culture either.
This is not art but rather a case of financially driven papparazzi nudity. Yet she will not just state the obvious, that she took her clothes off because she will do nearly anything for money and publicity.
An exotic dancer in Las Vegas is more honest about her intentions and has more integrity too.

Aunt Bee made a short but sweet contribution to the lengthy discussion surrounding the rejected John 3:16 Super Bowl Ad

Time for dinner. Have a great godless evening.

Mangrove Throatwarbler  questions the meaning of Hosni Mubarak's words in Thursday's Quote of the Day ("If I resign today, there will be chaos.")

Is that a promise or a prediction?

Upon reading about Anderson Cooper's scuffle in Cairo, retiree had a great one.

Anderson, this is your mother, COME HOME RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

We asked "Is Killing Animals Ever Ok?"  Upsidedownpoint provides a thoughtful answer, though the details of the specific incident in question remain unclear.

The moral issue here, to me, revolves around the mass production of animals and a disregard for how their lives end.
That these were highly-trained, intelligent animals with pack relationships to one another, who died in terror watching their trusted owner brutally turn on them, is more something the human beings who ordered the slaughter will need to wrestle with. What does it say about them, that they cannot see these creatures and their loyalty and intelligence as more than mouths and bellies? What does it say about them that they, like sociopaths, tortured these animals to death rather than euthanized them with even a modicum of empathy?
As much as we want to compare this with the slaughter of livestock, from accounts of how it was done it sounds as though each act was more cruel than the one before. The owners of this outfit should be incarcerated and banned from owning animals. That much is clear.

Several commenters agreed with George Henry Algernon Percy's reaction to Rachel Maddow being fooled by the Christwire satire.

Heh. Satire is harder to spot when it matches one's prejudices.
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