And the Worst Film of the Year Is....?

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You'll have to wait until late Sunday night in order to find out whether The Social Network can pull off a "Best Picture" upset over the heavy favorite The King's Speech. In the meantime, however, the distinguished voting members of the 31st Annual Golden Rasperry Awards would like to direct your momentary attention to the "Worst Picture" of the year. And the Razzie goes to...The Last Airbender.

Helmed by the "Razzie repeat offender" M. Night Shyamalan, the Last Airbender opened last July to scathing reviews, charges of "whitewashing" the cast and loathing from fans who loved the original cartoon version. And, yet, it still managed a respectable opening weekend of $40 million and raked in $319 million worldwide before being instantly forgotten until this very moment.

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