Video: 'It's Not All About You, Bill'

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Last week, Democratic Representative Steve Cohen likened Republican's health care rhetoric to Nazi propaganda. Though he's since walked back the remarks, the moment became fodder for Fox News' Megyn Kelly to hold a debate on the subject, which ended with her defending her Fox News colleagues who were accused of making the same sort of Nazi-laden references about their opponents. Naturally, the next step was a Daily Show spliced-clip segment digging up choice moments where Fox News anchors like Bill O'Reilly casually made Nazi references.

Well, it turns out O'Reilly wasn't too keen on an "out of context" Daily Show news reel showing him making Nazi references, so he breathed new life into the news meme by explaining that the reason why he made the comment was because The Huffington Post published an offensive post hoping that Nancy Reagan "croaks in the tub." In what's hopefully the final gasp of air for this particular meme, the Daily Show has decided to wring one last segment out of Bill O'Reilly's response. That Huffington Post article O'Reilly mentions? It turns out it was a comment on an article, not the article itself. And it's no surprise that Stewart's able to dig up some similarly offensive user comments on the Fox Nation website:

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