Video: How Palin Is Like Snooki

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Why is the media so fascinated with Sarah Palin? Simply put, "she's Snooki." At least according to Donny Deustch. The TV news personality made this comparison between the gaffe-prone politician and the Jersey Shore character on MSNBC's Morning Joe yesterday:

A younger generation they want to watch this character with big character with big hair who’s funny…you don’t know she’s going to say. It’s no different but for a higher demographic! We watch her she’s interesting looking..whats she going to say? She’s campy, she’s kitschy, it’s telegenic, its television, its entertaining that’s the fascination. Beginning, middle and end of story, she’s Snooki.

Deustch's co-panelists didn't disagree, noting that Palin's status as both a "character" and an outspoken woman attract attention regardless of what she says.

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