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Grass-eating LSU football coach Les Miles became the latest name to pass on the University of Michigan's coaching vacancy Tuesday, choosing to return to Baton Rouge for a seventh season rather than coach his alma mater. That Miles--whose reputation as a "clock-fiddling moron" is not undeserved--should even be in contention for the Michigan gig speaks to the damage recently-fired coach Rich Rodriguez inflicted on the program during his three years at the helm. On Twitter, the response to Big Blue eating crow after decades of domination (self-styled and actual) was schadenfreudetastic:

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay speculated about who was next on the school's wish list...

Les Miles staying at LSU. Michigan will now move on to pursuing David Arquette.less than a minute ago via web

...while sports blogger Matt Sussman made his own preference clear

CNBC's Darren Rovell wondered if it was time for Michigan to rebrand

BREAKING NEWS: Michigan has changed its name to Missediganless than a minute ago via web

Football Outsiders' Doug Farrar judged Big Blue by the company it keeps

Desirable coaching jobs: Michigan > The Oakland Raiders?less than a minute ago via web

Fanhouse columnist Clay Travis expressed the sentiment of the entire SEC media scrum

Thank God Les Miles is staying at LSU. That is all.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

NBC's Chuck Todd retweeted a brief, auto-centric history of Michigan's undoing

RT @Jtbreck RT @petekenworthy  #Michigan had an old Carr, traded it in for a HotRod and then decided they needed something with Les Miles.less than a minute ago via web

Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock whistled a happy tune

Hail to the victors!!!less than a minute ago via Echofon

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