Ricky Gervais: Right Wing Hero?

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The backlash against Ricky Gervais' performance at the Golden Globes is still going strong, but the British comedian's act has won over one hard-to-reach constituency: Hollywood-hating conservatives.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, while the mainstream media was busy debating the tastefulness of Gervais pointing out that The Tourist didn't make a lot of money, Big Hollywood blogger John Nolte couldn't stop raving about his performance. "Dare I say, God bless Ricky Gervais?" Nolte wrote soon after the ceremony concluded. It's indicative of the "bubbled, hypocritical mind of some in Hollywood [that] the only reason Gervais crossed a line is because he went after them. Had he been as relentless in ripping apart Sarah Palin, her young children, Jesus Christ, or George W. Bush, today the comedian would be celebrated as 'edgy' and 'courageous' — because only in Hollywood is throwing red meat to a hard-left crowd considered 'edgy' and 'courageous'."

Roger Simon of Pajamas Media echoed Nolte's sentiment. Gervais's cutting performance (and the harsh reaction it provoked) should serve as a "special note for conservatives: dissing Hollywood is easy to do (I do it all the time), but the wise person tries to take it over. This is our culture, molding the minds of the future. Turn it over to the other side, if you wish, but do so at your peril."

We're guessing neither stayed up late enough to catch the final zinger of the evening.

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