Morning Vid: Tucker Carlson Doesn't Want Michael Vick Executed Anymore

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When Tucker Carlson went on FOX News last week and said Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick "should have been executed" for his 2007 conviction on dogfighting charges, we assumed the comments were those of a dog-lover who likes westerns, rather than FOX's official corporate position on the man who will drive ratings for the network's NFL playoff coverage.

Perhaps in an attempt to clear up this confusion, Carlson appeared again on Hannity's show last night. Hannity questioned him with the kind of urgency usually reserved for junior high productions of Inherit The Wind and Carlson did his part by not laughing. Then he walked back his comments slightly, noting he was "too emotional" during his earlier appearance, before reminding viewers that Michael Vick did in fact make dogs kill each other--and torture them when they didn't--because he thought it was fun. Carlson also pointed out that Vick's hiring public relations professionals to rehabilitate his image doesn't and shouldn't wipe away a decent person's disgust for this. Then Hannity reminded Carlson "the word 'repentance' from the Latin means to change your heart"--which presumably means Carlson needs to accept the new Michael Vick, because Latin says so.

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