Morning Vid: Glenn Beck Uses Google to Explain Mystery of Mass Bird Deaths

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"I'm not an animal expert. I have no idea why fish are washing up dead and birds are falling out of the sky," says Glenn Beck on Thursday evening's show. But, luckily, the Fox Host knows how to use properly use "Google" (his air quote marks included). And he demonstrates this to his audience by doing an "internet search" (again with air quotes) to find out about massive bird and fish deaths in Arkansas. "When you read [Google search results], you start to realize that mass fish deaths aren't all that unprecedented," says Beck, citing a U.S. Geological survey that pinpointed such bird deaths occurring "a little more than one every other year" for the past three decades.

See? That wasn't so hard! That's the message of the clip. "I had thought [the bird deaths] never happened before because some faceless basement blogger says freak out, and I have to go to the newspapers or the media to find out because they have so much credibility," Beck remarks incredulously.

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