Lunchtime Vid: John McCain is a Cranky Puppet (Literally)

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It's hard to believe now, but at one time Jon Stewart appeared to enjoy having John McCain on the Daily Show. It would be hard to tell from last nights episode, where Stewart quipped: "Seeing how easy it is to annoy John McCain now, we will make it one of our missions here at the program to do so." He then proceeded to introduce McCain's puppet alter-ego (6:59 in the video below), a distillation of all the "crankiness" that the politician has exhibited since losing the presidential election because he was "too old" for the job. "Ah phooey, the lights are too bright, they burn my skin," grimaced the puppet as he entered, grey tufts of hair flopping. "You're gonna make me look like a Mexican--build the dang fence." You can probably guess where it goes from there:

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