Glenn Beck Denounces Snooki

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Glenn Beck was denouncing a cable TV show last night--try to guess which one. It's a show on a major network that sensationalizes violence and  involves a rude, attention-hungry and often ranting character with questionable morals that has broken viewing records by appealing to the lowest common denominator in TV entertainment.

"I don't think most Americans even recognize that some of the things that pass for entertainment on TV is actually poison," Beck says about the show. "Why would this crap attract 9 million people?" At this point, some people might say it sounds like Beck is talking about his own show. That's not where he's going, however.

Cut to an image of fighting on the set of MTV's The Jersey Shore, the intended source of Beck's tirade, which was inspired by Snooki's recent disorderly conduct booking and spell in the clink. (A question for the anti-Becks out there: Is Snooki Glenn Beck's alter ego?)

Business Insider's Glynnis MacNicol noticed Beck denouncing the show, and thought the characters on the Shore should have their chance to retort. "One can only hope that at some future date someone will ask Snooki how she feels about Glenn Beck." Jon Bershad at Mediate noted the irony of Beck asking the public, mid-tirade, not to have enemies. "Do you hear that noise? That’s a thousand websites and TV shows looking to find every instance that Glenn Beck has called or said someone was his enemy."

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Glenn Beck included this choice bit in the broadcast: "Could it be a reflection of what we are allowing ourselves to become? To me it's kind of a chicken and the egg thing. I don't know if it is leading or reflecting. But I will tell you this, it is giving us permission to celebrate out lowest base self. But it's not the TV show ...We definitely should never ban it. What we need to do is stop making the lowest choice and reflect that. We don't need to be that." Fair enough.

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