Elton John's Family Shielded from Young Shoppers

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An Arkansas grocery store has become the subject of negative attention over its display of an US Magazine, featuring Elton John and David Furnish posing with their new baby, covered by a "family shield." Chris Hogg at Digital Journal reports that Harps grocery store customer Jenn Hudd was so appalled by the sign that she tweeted a picture of it this morning with the caption: "This was taken at my local grocery store. I was shocked and horrified. It's over all the covers of that magazine (at every register). The other magazines aren't covered."

The pictures spread quickly and have elicited additional similar reactions.

  • Julia Rubin speaks for everyone at Styleite this morning, writing: "This makes us angry. Really, really angry. This 'shield' comes from a place of ignorance, intolerance and hate. An image of two loving parents thrilled to finally have a child of their own? This is clearly not something that should be censored. Ever."
  • Richard Lawson at Gawker doesn't understand what exactly the folks at Harps were protecting their customers from, "Mr. John's crazy glasses?"
  • Matt Stopera at Buzzfeed urges readers to issue "polite complaints" to the Harp's management, providing the office number and a link to their contact form.

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