Does Obama Know How Much Gibbs Likes Auburn Football?

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After a long day feuding with the professional left, alternate universe New Orleansians, and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's security detail, outgoing White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs enjoys nothing more than kicking back and watching the Auburn University Tigers play football. With the school set to meet the University of Oregon in next week's BCS championship game, CBS College Sports Network's Tony Barnhart asked Gibbs if President Obama "understands how big this game is" for him.

This is the kind of question most press secretaries will answer succinctly and in the affirmative, but Gibbs offered a surprisingly nuanced response. It boils down to this: Obama doesn't care about Auburn's winning, but he understands why Gibbs cares. (In this way, the president is not unlike Homer Simpson.) Just in case anyone's counting: Politico cares too. Mike Allen cares deeply, which is why he gave this pressing matter so much space in this morning's edition of Playbook.

Gibbs explains:

I think he [understands], because we talk about it every week. We did during the season. I traveled during the season. During the LSU game, we were on the road. A bunch of people were in suits and I was wearing the Auburn shirt that I've worn for every game that I've watched this year. He gets how big a deal this is for me. He enjoys and loves college football. … I've watched some of their games in my office. I've got a pretty decent size TV in there thankfully. Sometimes it's hard. One week we were on the road and I had to talk to the advance people about making sure that we had some TVs and could watch some games if we needed to.

That descriptions makes the Obama administration sound like one big family--except its the one from Ordinary People.

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