Comments of the Week: Oatmeal Edition

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Comments! We get comments. They fall from the sky like gentle snow. Only instead of freezing overnight on the sidewalk and making our morning commute treacherous, they accrue on our Web site and make it sharper and more entertaining. You guys!

On a post from December about a creationism museum in Kentucky that might include unicorns and "dragons of the land" (better known as dinosaurs), 1Unicorn took the next logical step.

Just curious, did Godzilla have to beat Mothra for his place on the Ark?

On Monday's post about whether or not birtherism is "crazy," dormilon scripted the response Eric Cantor might have given:

While I do not feel comfortable categorizing these claims as 'crazy,' I do regret that this issue is not behind us. President Obama's upbringing is quite well documented and, though somewhat unorthodox, reflects the diversity that buttresses much of the strength and character of our nation. I do not doubt now, or at any time, Mr. Obama's place of birth and would like to lead our nation past personal attacks and refocus their energy on policy attacks built on a more appropriate balance of governmental power.

On Monday's post about the Davos summit, Kelli Kobor offered a dose of good old-fashioned populist anger:

I read Tett's piece about Davos acting as a CEO support group and nearly lost my oatmeal. The idea that the world's elite need yet another expensive junket in which to socialize and feed one another's egos is beyond laughable. It is obscene. What America's elite really needs is a weekend spent in podunk Kentucky, a dying suburb of Toledo, or with an about-to-be-foreclosed family in Arizona.

On Wednesday's post about democracy in the Arab world, arvay cast a skeptical eye on the whole business:

We're currently insulting the Lebanese parliamentary process by making unfounded charges against the new prime minister ( scarcely a wild-eyed terrorist, he's a billionaire) Just another demonstration of how we will oppose and even try to undermine the "will of the people" when it has the temerity to have ideas that differ from ours. One only need recall the hysteria when the Palestinians freely elected Hamas to lead them [...] For decades, we've sullied the words "freedom" and "democracy" by applying them to puppet regimes. Madame Secretary, the audience is laughing and reaching for the tomatoes.

After reading Wednesday's post about more scrupulous food packaging, Super Chundy lost a little bit of innocence.

I never knew that Froot Loops didn't contained any "froot" in them. Surprising!

On Thursday's post about America's diplomatic needle-threading in Egypt, wispajones weighed in from Libya, apparently (and got in a bit of self-promotion):

Very interesting to be living in Libya right now - caught in the middle of a revolution sandwich! Unrest here looks increasingly probable, and as great as that will be for the millions sick of life under the Colonel, it is unsettling to consider the potential implications to an expat. Read my blog for my perspective on these events @

On Friday's post about Mike Pence renouncing his presidential ambitions, kindasorta offered what kinda, sorta sounds like praise, until you think about it:

I think of Mike Pence as a rock too, but it's not meant as a compliment.

On Friday's post about the health hazards of Girl Scout cookies, FloridaInternational offered a common-sense solution.

Oh for the love of God. They're cookies! If you want to eat something heart-healthy eat a bowl of oatmeal.

Thanks to everyone for reading and writing back!

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