Coachella's 2011 Lineup Released

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The annual Coachella music festival is famous for many things; sunburns, $10 water bottles, shirtless youngsters and the various things they ingest. You can't blame the youth, wayward as they may be. Oh, yeah: they have concerts at Coachella also. A ton of them. The desert festival, which will take place this year from April 15-17th, released the lineup this morning to much fanfare around the web. Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Lauryn--excuse me--Ms. Lauryn Hill--and that's just the first night. Here are some of the first reactions to the announcement.

  • Coachella Doesn’t Matter Anymore, claims A Spiderless Section of a Communal Garage. "Coachella is the SportsCenter of the alt world. It is not relevant. It is post-relevant....Aren't three of the Kings Of Leon in serious relationships now?"
  • Nice List  "The Coachella Festival has announced its lineup, and it's pretty stacked," says Larry Fitzmaurice at Pitchfork.
  • Highs and 'Huhs?'  Kyle Anderson at MTV breaks down the highs (Kanye, Robyn, PJ Harvey) and lows (Interpol, She Wants Revenge) from this year's upcoming lineup.
  • What Does the Poster Tell Us About Music? Wonders Choire Sicha at the Awl, noting the order of the lineup and the graded font sizes for artist’s names. “What conception of the fame and relevance of its performers does the festival seek to convey?”
  • Why Go When You Can Watch the Whole Thing Under Five Minutes?  Towelroad supplies us with this time-lapse video of last year's festival.

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