Antonin Scalia vs. Chicago Pizza

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Considering all the public knows about Judge Antonin Scalia's likes (24, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Madama Butterfly) and dislikes (habeas corpus, flag burning, a living Constitution), we were surprised to learn that, until recently, the conservative jurist's views on regional pizza were unknown. Lest anyone interpret his silence on the subject as tacit acknowledgment that the Framers were aware of dessert pizza, Scalia made it clear in a new interview with California Lawyer magazine that he considers New York's pizza superiority settled law.

I think it is infinitely better than Washington pizza, and infinitely better than Chicago pizza. You know these deep-dish pizzas--it's not pizza. It's very good, but ... call it tomato pie or something. ... I'm a traditionalist, what can I tell you?

At which point everyone has ever eaten Washington pizza volunteered to write the dissent.

(H/T to New York magazine)

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