What's a Good Name for an Eggnog Energy Drink?

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Christmas is a fairly commercialized holiday. But to some, it's still not commercial enough. Cue Alex Blagg, the online "strategenius" behind BazillionHits.biz. The faux new media consultant can't fathom why no one's invented an eggnog energy drink. Seriously, people, it's 2010. "Christmas can be pretty exhausting," Blagg explains on his blog. "Which is why I can't believe yet another holiday season is upon us and STILL no one has thought to create Egg Nog Energy Drinks. I think there's a huge missed market opportunity here."

Getting the ball rolling, Blagg offers 15 branding ideas for the egg nog energy drink of the future. The list includes "Eggstreme Nog," "NogMonster," "Four Lokristmas," "Yule Fuel" and "O TannenBomb." For the complete list, see here.

Remarkably, the Wire did a little digging and we discovered that an eggnog energy drink actually exists. Behold, Nutrament's eggnog-flavored energy and nutrition drink:

As the product description makes clear, Nutrament has a "milk shake taste" and "keeps you going strong." By the looks of the 12-ounce can, it probably makes for a good stocking stuffer too!

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