The Backlash Against Michael Jackson's Posthumous Release

Jacko's new album "Michael" fails to live up to the singer's own standard, say critics

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Now that Michael Jackson's posthumous release "Michael" is out in stores, critics and fans are starting to chew it over. The result thus far is a collective gag. Hardcore fans are picketing Sony (its record label) and those close to MJ say it should never have been released. Witness the backlash:

  • MJ Album 'Disgusts'  In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Black Eyed Peas frontman had harsh words for the Sony release. "I knew this man. And he was very critical about every single detail. He stood in the studio himself, mastering and mixing everything," he says. "He wasn't there to do his micro-Michael-managing that he did with 'Thriller' and 'Billie Jean.' It disgusts me."
The most surprising outcry ... has got to be from Michael Jackson's own father, who believes, like the Black Eyed Peas', that "Michael" should never have been released. It is no secret that Michael Jackson had an estranged relationship with his father so it's certainly nice to see Joe Jackson taking a stance to defend his sons legacy.
  • Fans Protest, reports an ABC news affiliate in California:

The singer obviously had no hand in the final product here, but many of these tunes are bland enough to make you wonder if he had any hand in it at all ... The real Michael Jackson was a perfectionist who loved to burnish every note that came out of his lungs ... "Michael" is an album of unfinished songs that Jackson would never want us to hear. And that's a drag because we're probably going to be hearing this stuff for the rest of the decade. The Jackson estate has reportedly signed a $250 million deal that should pump posthumous albums into the marketplace for the next seven Christmases, at least.
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