Sarah Palin Declares Kate Gosslin a Blue-State Fake American

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To Sarah Palin, everything that's bad--or just kind of annoying--apparently must be liberal, notes Slate's Jessica Grose. Today, it's  Kate Gosselin, the mother of eight who achieved her international fame with a bad haircut and an ugly divorce from her embarrassing-embroidered-jeans-wearing husband, Jon. It does not appear likely that Blue Staters will be rushing to defend Gosselin as one of their own any time soon.

Gosslin appeared on the TLC reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, Sunday night, and she was just awful, Grose writes. She whined, she threw a tantrum, she huffily noted the absence of Purell. Calling the bad behavior "reality television gold," Grose writes that Palin delighted in playing up the contrast with her outdoorsy family. "But what I didn't anticipate was that she would try to make Gosselin represent blue state America," Grose says. "Palin feigned sympathy for Gosselin's inability to deal with camping and wilderness and guns, saying, if Kate 'took me to New York or a red carpet event, I would probably be the same'--she would complain and want to go home. This is after Palin announces that guns are as common in Alaska as BlackBerrys are in New York City."

But Gosslin is not your typical city mouse. She's from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, a town of less than 9,000. And, having birthed so many babies, she's certainly not one of the bra-burners Palin derides in her latest book. Grose concludes: "I hate to break it to her: Kate Gosselin isn't really a New York City red carpet denizen. She's just a priss."

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