Morning Vid: Fox News Host on How Illegal Immigration Is Like Rape

Megyn Kelly rebukes one web writer's recommendation to use the phrase "undocumented immigrant" instead

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On Wednesday afternoon, Fox News host Megyn Kelly hosted a debate over whether or not the term "illegal immigrant" was a proper way to label a person who unlawfully crosses a border to work/seek residency. A web columnist for the Society of Professional Journalists had recommended that the phrase should be retired in favor of "undocumented immigrant." Some conservatives seized on the web column as evidence of a journalistic left-wing conspiracy, although the SPJ was quick to note that the column did not reflect their organization's views.

But Kelly couldn't resist jumping into the fray: "How far could you take this? I mean, you could say that a burglar is an unauthorized visitor. You know, you could say that a rapist is a non-consensual sex partner which, obviously, would be considered offensive to the victims of those crimes. So how far could you take this?"

[H/T: Talking Points Memo]

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