Morning Vid: Beck Touches on Tofu, Marxism, Redistribution of Wealth, Sandwiches

Just another day on Glenn Beck's show

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Think of this clip as Glenn Beck's latter-day "Greatest Hits" compilation. Sure, it may not be his strongest album, but it's got some choice singles on there and the whole enterprise moves at a brisk pace. Here's the checklist: Apocalyptic predictions? Yup. Explicit references to the White House's Socialist/Marxist agenda? Of course. Obligatory insults against The New York Times? Had to happen. Cheap shots directed at the First Lady's obesity-fighting program? Why not. And incredible visual gag to top it off (at least it's not marionettes this time)? Certainly.

Of course, most of these items could be found in any Beck telecast. What differentiates this one is the blistering speed with which he dispenses these familiar themes--and the fact that he chooses to illustrate the federal budget using hundreds of fully-loaded Primanti Bros. sandwiches. Here's a sampling from right after he makes his point about budget cuts with the sandwich display: "Again I apologize to Michelle Obama--I should have warned you that tasty food was about to be shown. Think happy thoughts: Tofu, redistribution of wealth, Harry Winston earrings, Marxism or whatever works for you."

[H/T: Glynnis MacNicol at Business Insider]

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