Lunch Time Vid: Julian Assange, Rapper

WikiLeaks founder makes cameo appearance on "Rap News"

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The elusive Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, hacker and potential rapist, can now add rapper to his repertoire. Before WikiLeaks's began its post-Thanksgiving delivery of diplomatic cables, the Australian creators of Internet "Rap News" tapped Assange for a cameo in a video called "News World Order--War on Journalism." The video was actually released in October, but has recently been unearthed to much excitement and, like any performance, a few critiques.

  • Mark Joyella at Mediaite: "Like finding a twenty dollar bill in a coat pocket, the Internets have served up a true gem: a cameo appearance by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange--rapping. What the what, you ask?"
  • John Cook at Gawker: "Does watching Assange rapping ever get old? Let's just hope a music career isn't his back-up plan."
  • Dana Loesch at Big Journalism: "I don't get why Assange makes a window-washing move twice in the video, like it's his only move. Come on. If you're going to act like a rockstar you need more moves than some rehashed Rose Royce routine."

Check out the video, below. Assange's debut is at about the 4:55 mark.

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