Happy Hour Vid: Inside the Troubled Mind of a TV Pundit

Deep down, pundits are just as self-conscious as we are--maybe

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Television pundits come in all shapes and sizes. But broadly speaking, they all project an outward appearance of confidence. They can be right. They can be wrong. But they're always overweeningly smug. Today The Onion reminds us that pundits are people too, with the same insecurities and self-doubts we all possess. In the following clip, faux-pundit Dunan Birch makes a mistake during a panel on English-only classes in America. Instead of brushing off his error, he turns inward and beats himself up about it:

In The Know: Is Pundit Duncan Birch A Worthless Idiot?

Poor, Duncan. It'll be ok! There's always money in TV commercials.

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