Happy Hour Vid: Brian Williams Helps Jimmy Fallon 'Slow Jam the News'

How to add some spice to the tax cut deal

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The tax cut deal and Obama's subsequent criticism from the left has been a major topic in the news recently. But let's face it, though they are important, taxes aren't exactly a sexy or entertaining topic. Jimmy Fallon solved that problem on his show last night when Brian Williams and The Roots joined him on stage to "slow jam" the news.

Against the back drop of R. Kelly-style R&B, Fallon, "Bri-Wi" and the Roots serenaded the audience will lyrics like "Democrats say Obama can't satisfy their legislative desires cause he's gone soft. Is he cheating on them with the Republicans? He used to barely look the GOP's way but now it's all late night west wing meetings with that sexy Mitch, Mitch McConnell." And "They say Obama screwed every Dem in Washington, when he gave it up like that one Kardashian."

Particularly impressed by William's performance, Mark Joyella at Mediaite comments, "honestly, are we 100 percent sure NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams wouldn’t be better utilized as a floating comedian, doing bits on SNL, 30 Rock and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Wait. He’s already doing that and the news."

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