Bon Jovi Appointed To White House 'Community' Council

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Sandwiched in between the assorted CEO's, university presidents, and think-tank directors is a conspicuous appointee to White House Council for Community Solutions. He's the founder of an eponymous Soul Foundation, has helped provide affordable housing for "hundreds" of low-income individuals, has sold more than 120 million copies of bombastic rock albums and, yes, was just named the top grossing touring act of 2010.

It's been shaping up to be quite a week for Jon Bon Jovi. The rock star, still best known as the purveyor of irresistible 80's earworms, has been named to a government position described by the White House as one that helps honor and highlight individuals making a "significant impact" in their communities. Jovi will also be tasked with enlisting private/philanthropic sector "leaders" to help make progress on policy goals and "providing strategic input" to help the government with innovation--and occasionally, perhaps, he'll be summoned to the White House grounds to serenade the staff with a few verses and power chords from "I'll Be There For You."

But perhaps it's time to stop making fun of Bon Jovi.

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