Anderson Cooper Defends Boehner From 'The View' Ladies

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On Sunday, House Speaker-elect John Boehner wept during his interview on 60 Minutes. The tender moment occurred while discussing his hope that U.S. children get the same "shot at the American Dream" that he did. For that, Boehner's detractors had field day in the blogosphere and, most publicly, on ABC's The View.

But CNN's Anderons Cooper isn't laughing. The "Silver Fox" took to the airwaves last night, chiding The View ladies for reinforcing a "double standard."

"For crying out loud, let the poor guy cry out loud," Cooper said. "When did the ladies on The View turn into Dr. Evil from Austin Powers?"

Here's the full quote, courtesy of Mediaite:

Aren’t people always saying they want politicians to be more real? And aren’t men always being told now that we’re supposed to be more sensitive, more vulnerable, willing to show emotions? Barbara Walters said if Nancy Pelosi cried so much, she’d be called weak, which is probably true actually. Pelosi has said she doesn’t cry about politics because you have to be a professional. But can you be professional and sentimental at the same time? I’m one of the most uptight people around, believe me, but I’ve been known to shed a tear from time to time. Sure, I, you know, try to keep it limited to a darkened theater while watching Bambi.

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