'Worst Person' Wins Back Olbermann

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With the afterglow of the Jon Stewart rally disappearing quicker than Keith Olbermann's suspension, it was only a matter of time before the MSNBC host ambled back to his favorite segment. Yes, "Worst Person" was revived on last night's Countdown. He added a joking "Not Really" before the title and tried out jangling new background music, but even he couldn't bear it, axing it halfway through. The three culprits singled out for finger-wagging on Wednesday night included usual suspects Pam Geller, a conservative blogger, and Fox News President Roger Ailes.

But Olbermann also included Senator Jay Rockefeller, presumably because he classified MSNBC and Fox News as basically equivalent. (A stubborn idea proven to rankle the Lean Forward network's employees). In a humorous sidenote, Olbermann casually dismissed The Daily Beast, which published the Roger Ailes rant about MSNBC, describing it simply as an "online gossip site."

Even though the "Worst" segment is indeed back to its old ways, MSNBC viewers are pretty happy—73 percent voted to "restore" it "as it was" in an unscientific poll on the Countdown website. They, at least, got their wish.

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