Wall Street Journal: The Chinese Can't Wear Cardigans

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China is an emerging political and economic superpower. It is also full of people who don't know how to wear cardigans. Whether the latter will impact the inevitability of the former remains to be seen. Wall Street Journal fashion writer Jason Chow certainly seems to think it will. That's why he's advising readers to buy only blue, black, gray and brown cardigans, and to never, ever tuck them in. Explains Chow:

In certain Chinese cities, you might see a Chinese septuagenarian gent tuck his cardigan into his high-waisted trousers and strut around a park, arms flailing in a comedic version of calisthenics. It’s cute, for sure, and it sort of works for him. But you should never tuck in your cardigan.

Chow also says you should only buy cardigans with thick collars because they emit "Steve McQueen-like gravity," which is vital to the trade balance.

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