Toy Story 3 Predicted the 2010 Elections

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Last summer, Woody and Buzz escaped the clutches of a smothering "daycare state" hellbent on usurping the old-fashioned family. Luckily--with the help of Constitutionally-savvy Barbie--the toys wriggled free from their "high-living corrupt overseers." They exposed the illusion of a leftist culture that attempted to destroy their "infinity and beyond" optimism. Isn't that how Toy Story 3 went?

At least one imaginative author thinks so. Writing in The Los Angeles Times, Andrew Klavan forgoes a typical midterm assessment and decides that American politics for the past 40 years can be explained by the year's (arguably) best movie. In a detailed breakdown, Klavan assigns thinly veiled political roles to nearly all the beloved Toy Story characters. Suffice to say, the Democrats (personified by the deceptive Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear and his minions) don't come out looking well. Even the "shallowest of toys" understands that their "overbearing" agenda crosses the line of "our Declaration of Independence."

Message of caution for disheartened liberals still digesting election results: reading his full article may only serve to further ruin your day.

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