Redskins' 'Monday Nightmare' Enjoyed by No One

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Hours after giving quarterback Donovan McNabb a $78 million contract extension that, in the words of Atlantic senior editor Joshua Green, "proves everything the Tea Party says about Washington is true," the Redskins took the field for a Monday night game against the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Michael Vick. What followed was a 59-28 shellacking that made the midterm elections look competitive and hotly-contested. Under a banner headline reading "Monday Nightmare", The Washington Post's game story suggested the loss was "one of the worst performances in franchise history," an assessment that is even more damning when you consider:

  1. The team has been around since 1932

  2. They once lost a game 73-0

For those unconvinced last night was a singularly awful experience for those who bleed burgundy-and-gold, a sampling of opinions from around the Web:

  • "An orgy of Washington Redskins' humiliation." - Tom Robinson, The Virginia-Pilot
  • "In a lifetime of watching the Redskins, I have never seen them taken apart as suddenly and viciously as the Eagles dismantled them when they returned from their locker room to start the game." - Thomas Boswell, The Washington Post
  • "[Coach] Mike Shanahan’s face was more red than usual, and the Washington Redskins couldn’t come up with enough ways to describe how humiliated they had been." - Mike Jones, TBD
  • "Vick’s virtuoso performance Monday night was must-see TV, and left the Redskins reeling as if they had been punched by Manny Pacquiao." - Clifton Brown, The Sporting News
  • "It was a thorough domination - an absolute embarrassment for the Redskins' defense." - Doug Farrar, Yahoo Sports
  • "What could have been a monumental game for McNabb turned into a monumental disaster." - Bob Ford, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • "Only the Redskins could produce theater this absurd. Only the Redskins of the 21st century, a team that looks more and more like something out of Charlie Brown, could find such melodrama in every little thing." - Michael Wilbon, The Washington Post
  • "There should have been a mercy rule in place. It would have been the gentlemanly thing for Vick to take himself out of the game after the score got to be 52-21 on one of the at least 10 all-time career highlight plays he made on the night." - Ashley Fox, The Philadelphia Inquirer
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