Redskins Deny Making the Press Eat Terrible Hot Dogs

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So far this week, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has extended the contract of Donovan McNabb against the wishes of Mike Shanahan, seen his team lose by 31 points on Monday night football and been accused of serving the press disgusting, shriveled hot dogs by the Washington City Paper. Of the three, only the last comes as a surprise to Redskins fans, who can be forgiven for assuming Snyder's big-money, low-logic approach to running the team would include a press box spread of liquified filet mignon and Cornish game hen shot down a beat reporter's gullet by a Super Soaker wielding celebrity chef.

As it turns out, it's not like that. NOT AT ALL. Per the City Paper's tipster, "There were buns off to the side, no napkins, warm water, and maybe one bottle of a condiment. Embarrassing."

Indeed. So the team's official blog is attempting to push back against the City Paper's suggestion. First, blogger Matt Terl contends the picture isn't even of the press box hot dogs. How does he know? Because the team's caterer says the team only serves "fat Angus 5:1 hot dogs" to the media. (Terl might have a point. Those look more like 4.75:1 dogs. Maybe even 4.5:1.)

Not content to limit the discussion to frankfurter dimensions, Terl also accuses the paper and its tipster of misleading readers about the gastronomical pleasures the team affords the media, including "some ingenious miniature chicken cordon bleu things and a nacho bar."

Unmentioned: the fact Dan Snyder paid $40 million for those chicken cordon bleu things.

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