O'Reilly More Balanced Than Olbermann

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Still smarting from a crushing blow election night, you’d think the liberal lamestream media would circle the wagons. Not Stu Bykofsky at the Philadelphia Daily News. Bykofsky has come out swinging against Keith Olbermann and defended Bill O’Reilly.

Long singled out as the embodiment of the death of objective journalism, O’Reilly’s nightly show was actually far more balanced than Olbermann’s, Bykofsky found after watching both programs the week before the election. He counted the guests of each show, and how many were liberals or conservatives. It turns out, Bykofsky says, that Countdown is “allergic to any conservative idea.”

Olbermann's usual mien is mean - scowling. O'Reilly's typically laughing, too often at one of his juvenile jokes. Both are narcissists who take themselves too seriously, but that's true for many on television. O'Reilly uses a really clever device. After stating his case, he often asks guests, ‘Tell me where I'm wrong.’ Olbermann can't do this: Every guest agrees with, and amplifies, the host's opinion.

The week’s totals? O’Reilly hosted 20 rightwing guests, 11 leftwingers, and seven in the middle. Olbermann had 20 lefties, two in the middle, and zero on the right. Almost half of O’Reilly’s guests were women, compared to just 18 percent for Olbermann.

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