Morning Vid: World Doesn't Explode After Glenn Beck's Logic Is Inverted

Donning Beck's glasses, Jon Stewart unravels the "Soros conspiracy"

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Jon Stewart made a mighty effort to keep a straight face while aping the inflections of Glenn Beck. At that, he only somewhat succeeded. But he did get his take on the Fox News host across loud and clear: he makes no sense at all. Last week, Glenn Beck devoted three days of coverage to a diatribe against liberal billionaire George Soros, calling him a "puppet master" tied to discord and political revolutions worldwide (more on that here and here). When Beck trotted out actual marionettes to make his point, it was clear a Daily Show segment was soon to come.

True to form, Stewart donned Beck-like glasses and surrounded himself with cluttered blackboards to lampoon the incident. He juxtaposed George Soros's influence with Rupert Murdoch's to argue that Beck, in fact, is a "puppet sent by George Soros to discredit Rupert Murdoch" and destroy Fox News. Convoluted conspiracy theories aside, there's some truly amusing mock puppet-work performed throughout the show. (The bulk of the Beck impersonation takes place in Part II: "The Manchurian Lunatic.")

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