Morning Vid: Keith Olbermann's Triumphant Return

The Countdown host addresses his suspension

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Countdown host Keith Olbermann returned to MSNBC last night, bringing to a close an "indefinite" suspension that was really more like a four day weekend. No stranger to bombast, Olbermann kept things playful and self-effacing when he discussed the suspension in the program's final segment. There were the requisite shots at NBC management (an apology for not not having "known by observation, since it's not in my contract" the network's rules on political donations) and FOX, but the entire segment (aside from the two-and-a-half minute rundown of all the jokes late night comedians made about the situation) was more about gratitude than settling scores. Likening the support he received to "a universal hug," Olbermann was particularly moved by those on the right who defended him.

"Jonah Goldberg, William Kristol, and Dana Lash probably treated me better than I would have treated them," he concedes. "Rick Sanchez clearly did. They get my thanks and respect. Although they probably wish they didn't."

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