Maureen Dowd: Comic Book Heroine

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She just looks like a Pulitizer-prize winning New York Times columnist. But all these years Maureen Dowd has secretly had more in common with Clark Kent than Gail Collins. Since the mid-'80s, she's been a gun-wielding, crime-fighting superhero hell-bent on ridding the nation of baddies while getting her latest article in on deadline. And she does so—to the surprise of opinion page devotees—apparently wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie.

This surreal scenario, conjured up by artist Benjamin Marra, is the premise of the a new homegrown satirical comic-book series The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd. The debut episode features Dowd facing off against a rogue black-ops agent, White House officials who consider her column "a threat," Hezbollah commandos and—of course—her unruly editor. Thomas Friedman and George Clooney will also make inexplicable appearances in the series.

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