Man Shoots TV Over Bristol Palin Dancing

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From blogs to Twitter, the Internet had been riddled with commentary on Bristol Palin's appearances on Dancing With The Stars, where she appears alongside Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Short. But one Wisconsin man, apparently hesitant to add to the already-overfull field of Web-based analysis, decided to review Bristol's performances with a different medium. 67-year-old Steven Cowan, well, let's just excerpt the police report.

[Steven's wife] Janice reported that she was on the couch in the living room, watching television. The "Dancing With The Stars" show came on at 7:00 p.m. Janice estimated that at approximately 7:30 p.m., Sarah Palin's daughter was dancing. Steven jumped up and swore, saying something to the effect of, "The fucking politics." Steven was upset that a political figure's daughter was dancing on this particular show when Steven did not think that she was a good dancer. Steve therefore left the living room and went upstairs, where his bedroom is located. Janice assumed her husband went to bed to read a book. He was gone for about 20 minutes.

Janice reported that Steven suddenly appeared in the living room and was "raging." ... Steven had a single-shot shotgun in his possession as he entered the living room. He "slapped" some bullets down onto a TV tray and loaded a round of ammunition into the shotgun. Steven then turned toward the television and fired a round into the television screen. Steven continued to yell at Janice, demanding that she get his handguns. Steven's face was bright red, and Janice said something to the effect of, "He scared the Bejebees out of me."

Things got decidedly darker and more serious from there, with Steven Cowan threatening both his wife and himself in what became a 15-hour, overnight stand-off with local police, including a SWAT team. He was charged with reckless endangerment and faces up to ten years in prison.

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